Sorry letters

Sorry lettersWriting sorry letters will let you discover the best and effective way to apologize to your partner and that too before it is too late. If you have fought with your partner you may end up regretting the fact that you lost something which could have stayed if the right action was taken at the right time. It’s a worst case scenario when things go wrong with somebody due to miscommunication or conflict or any kind of an argument which hurts both the persons equally. People stop talking to each other over small disputes and spoil the relationship which could have easily bonded by keeping their ego aside and apologising by admitting their mistakes. Sorry letters play an important role in such cases.

It is always easier to convey your feelings in a written manner through sorry letters rather than face the person and do it verbally. Sorry letters are written to admit guilt and prove to be a good tool in bridging gaps between people. Well it is a tried and tested method that writing sorry letters to admit guilt is much easier than doing it face to face.

Writing sorry letters is not a tough job, only thing to be kept in mind is that the content should be to the point and the feeling of confession and assurance that the things which went wrong would never go wrong ever again must be fairly expressed in the letter. It should be made clear to the other person through your sorry letters that how important the other person is to you and that the things which have hurt him have also hurt you in a major way and put you in a state of unrest.

The format of the sorry letters depends upon whether it is being written to an official individual or whether the person is a close one. Here is an example of how a sorry letter must be like:-
Dear Willson,

I am extremely sorry for the confusion which happened in the office today. The file you were talking about was found in my drawer itself. I regret the fact that i got rude and insisted that the file must be with you only. The confusion took an ugly shape and i was adamant enough not to solve the confusion.

This incidence has earned a bad name for my department and has created a negative environment at work, making conditions unfavourable for all the other colleagues.

I feel really sorry for the stupidity of mine and assure you that such thing would never happen again in the office. All i can do now is ask you to forgive me and forget what happened today in office.

I take full responsibility that my department will run as smoothly as it was running and i would convince all the people to be back to normal as soon as possible.

I also thank you for maintaining your cool and not argue much when the things were heated up. This mature behaviour of yours is appreciable by all means and standards.

I reassure you that such things would never happen again in the office.

Thanks and regards,

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